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Fancy an on-line game? Meet Pong!

7 Sep. 2003

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To my knowledge the first computer game ever built, now in amended form (more like Breakout but without stones) which I recreated in JavaScript. It does not work in dumb browsers.

The playing field:
The field is as big as your browser window. The upper left corner shows the time played. You can play as many times as you want. In the top center awaits the red ball. In the upper right corner is a red slider that allows you to size the paddle and ball. At the bottom of the field is a green paddle. This bounces the ball back. The paddle moves automatically to the left and right with the mouse. (iPad users can tap the playing field at the desired spot.)

Purpose of the game:
Keep the ball in the playing field as long as possible.

Start the game:
Click on the "Resume" button in the top left corner. This button then shows the time. The ball falls straight down and the clock starts counting. Click again on the clock button to quit the game.

The ball bounces back from both walls and ceiling. The ball falls through the bottom but bounces back from the paddle. You lose if the ball falls through the floor. The game calls: "Oops!". You can continue playing immediately. The longer you play, the faster the ball moves.

Stop the game:
Click the clock button in the top left corner, reload the page or call another web page in your web browser.

You play this game by yourself. I built it to see if I could. There are no high scores recorded and I am not going to add such functionality.

iPad users: if you do not see the paddle at the bottom of the playing field, turn your iPad 90 degrees and back again.

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