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Web sites and software developed by/with A.E. Veltstra, and other related work.

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but some of my clients don't allow publication. They tend to use the applications in their daily business, on protected systems.

Standards Compliance

I strive to make sites and apps work on as many current browsers and devices as possible within the given time and budget. I care about usability, disabled people, and limited devices.

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Work Overview

  • 2015 - present: Ecommerce Business Analyst for Mamiye Brothers, NYC, USA. Integrating an ERP with 3rd-party ecommerce systems using Java 8 with data in EDI, CSV, XML, and JSON. Consulting on software architecture, web standards, usability, accessibility. System administration for the servers that run my software. Systems monitor for all IT systems. MS SQL Server Database admin, modeller, developer. Documentor. Back-up for common EDI-related tasks.
  • 2015: Web Site Redesign for TLC Ministries - This charity was working on a redesign of their website when their content manager requested my assistance. I reviewed their site, set up a content strategy, a visual design, and a user experience design.
  • 2014: Web site for Makelaardij Bauer Immobilien - This realtor started a new business and needed a new web site. Built using Publizjr and many 3rd-party services.
  • 2014: Trezjr, an HTML5-implementation of the world's most popular video game. - Slot together the falling puzzle pieces to remove as many full lines as possible!
  • 2013: UI / UX for Veltstra.nl - Created and implemented a new visual design and a new content strategy for the website. Improved their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and load speeds.
  • 2013: Functional Design for a Social Media Community Implementation - Via Bonsai Media (Nederweert, Netherlands), I worked for a client who endeavours to create a new social media community. I set up the functional design and visual prototypes, and researched which existing open-source software platform would best fit the implementation.
  • 2013 - present: Community Management for an online discussion forum - Teamleader / Founder. Performing administrative work to approve and revoke membership applications, creating and improving and enforcing policies and guidelines, moderating and leading discussions, writing and improving F.A.Q.-s and other documentation, creating and implementing visual themes, advertising and increasing membership numbers, researching and implementing plug-ins, conducting staff evaluations.
  • 2012-10-21: Created the web site for a usability test. HTML5, 960 grid CSS3, and javascript by me. Visual and interaction design, and usability test, by Colours. Required to work in Microsoft Internet Explorer, as the eye-tracking software only works with that browser.
  • 2012-10-14: Created the interaction design and the functional design for an online style guide for one of Colours' larger clients. It's possible I will also be doing the front-end development. The guide details all visual elements a client's websites can use.
  • 2012-08-30: Lead the website upgrade for OSG. Using SmartInstant 2.0, via Colours, the Internet Company. I lead the developers to upgrade the CMS software and implement the visual redesign. I followed up by teaching the OSG editors about SEO content editing, and basic Smartsite content editing, dedicated to their new web site.
  • 2012-09-01: Created the functional design for a redesign of the Sigma Boonstoppel Paints website, for Colours, the Internet Company. This site is planned to be added to an existing Sitecore CMS implementation.
  • 2012-08-16: Started the functional design for an additional website to the many Eneco websites, for Colours, the Internet Company. This site is planned to be added to an existing Sitecore CMS implementation. Due to planning conflicts, a colleague finished the functional design.
  • 2012-07-14: Implemented the website and CMS redesign for Oxfam Novib. Using Smartsite iXperion, via Colours, the Internet Company. Our OptLab improved the site usability, while I lead the developers to improve editorial usability within the Smartsite CMS.
  • 2012: Added an intranet for Kenteq, using SmartInstant 2.0, for Colours, the Internet Company.
  • 2011: Revamp of the website for the woodwind band Sint Servatius, from the town of Vaesrade, Netherlands. Moved its CMS to Publizjr (PHP5). Made its layout work for iPads.
  • 2011: Created a Facebook App for Natuurmonumenten, backed by an MS SQL Server database to collect petition signatures. Design by Colours, front-end development and database model by me.
  • 2011: Added web sites and parts to existing websites owned by Oxfam-Novib, Primoteq, Kenteq, Hiteq, CNV Publieke Zaak, and more. Built in Smartsite iXperion backed by MS SQL Server.
  • 2011: Added more Failure Notes, Coding Guidelines, the zjrJS API Documentation, all using Publizjr (PHP5).
  • 2011: Built the game Zjramble5, to the OmegaJunior.Net. Mostly javascript. Learned about Genetic Search Algorithms.
  • 2010: Increased web site performance for the existing website of the province of Gelderland, Netherlands. Expanded web sites and added new parts to websites owned by Oxfam-Novib, CNV Publieke Zaak, Stork, Fokker, OSG, and more. All of them built using Smartsite, most use Smartsite iXperion.
  • 2009: 2 new public web sites for CNV Publieke Zaak, a Dutch trade union. Design by Colours, The Internet Company. I took over the technical lead from one of my colleagues. Created the new website for Stork Technical Services, saw to the creation of the new Fokker Services website. Helped rebuild the website for InVoorZorg. All implemented in the Smartsite iXperion CMS, using MS SQL Server as a database. Also created a blog for my daughter Imbrium, using Publizjr (PHP4).
  • 2008 - 2009: Pantheon Online Games, an online game world targeted at educating people about religions from all over the world. Built in PHP and MySQL, using html5-elements like canvas, audio, and video. Added to the HTML5 specification (mostly Canvas and Video).
  • 2008 - 2009: a new intranet for the municipality of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Design by Seneca Web Development, technical lead and Smartsite 5 CMS implementation as well as Oracle 10 implementation by me, for Colours, the Internet Company. Currently in active use and active improvement.
  • 2007: A new version of the website for 9292, a Dutch public transport information portal. Needed to integrate a new web site (built by us) with a new information service (built by the customer). Design by Colours, The Internet Company. Website technical lead and Smartsite CMS implementation as well as MS SQL Server implementation by me, for Colours. ASP.Net-programming by my colleagues. Travel advice web service programming by our customer. 9292 currently hosts an even newer version.
  • 2007: A People Locator. Design and realisation by me. Based on the Google Maps 2, built using javascript and PHP4, served as html. One current implementation taps into a MySQL database. Functionality includes: adding personal locations, finding locations near your own or one you specify, finding people or objects by name or description, reporting wrong locations, finding locations by address. First location shown equals your own, if you're logged in (vBulletin) and recognised.
  • 2007: A prototype for the web site for the Els Veltstra Beauty Institute. Design and realisation by me. As said, this is a prototype. The actual web site may differ in appearance.
  • 2006: A photo album system built in PHP4, with a vBulletin security integration. vBulletin forum members can create their personal gallery, create albums, upload pictures and add descriptions. XML-based annotations. Largely templated and customisable.
  • 2006-2008: The web site for the Sint Servatius Woodwind Band. Built with PHP4 templates. Design, copy-editing, and execution by me.
  • 2006: The intranet web site for the Open Universiteit Nederland. Execution by me, in the Smartsite 5 CMS and Oracle 9.
  • 2005: The web site for the MW Magazine for the Mystic Wicks community. Design and execution by me.
  • 2005: A Candle Altar web application for the Mystic Wicks community. Programmed in PHP4, integrated with vBulletin.
  • 2005: The web site for the Open Universiteit Nederland, using the Smartsite CMS.
  • 2005: Pagan Grove - A visual template I created to update an existing web site (www.pagangrove.com).
  • 2004/2005: Order Entry system - A web application to enter, track and follow up on repair orders for mobile phones. Revolutionary in this design is the ease of entry, achieved by using a side bar.
  • 2004/2005: Document management system - A document management system for the Daimler Call Center in Maastricht, Netherlands, to store and retrieve relevant real-time information to call agents. Built using the Smartsite 5 CMS, Oracle 8, and a lot of VB6. Can't show the entire site here, but I can show a bit of the original layout. The company now uses a more subdued colour scheme; the basic structure is the same.
  • 2004: Kungsholmen - A visual template I created as a prototype for a school organisation.
  • 2003 - 2004: Dog - A data-intensive web application for DSM, a petro-chemical giant in the south of my country. Architecture, web realisation (ASP, javascript) and database design (AspenTech InfoPlus.21) by me. A third party implemented the database.
  • 2003: Web site for Dora Bakker - Certified Bob Ross Instructor. Web developed by me, the paintings are original works by Dora Bakker. Received a Golden Web Award.
  • 2003: Veltstra.nl - Family web site.
  • 2002: Corina - A flower shop in Kerkrade - Design and realisation by me.
  • 2001 - 2003: Online Order Entry System - Mobile telephone suppliers in the Netherlands let their repairs be handled by a company in Nuth. The repair orders are entered via internet; the agent can access the current stock levels immediately, as well as the order status. Me and my colleagues worked on this for several years.
  • 2000 - 2003: Educom Detacom Intranet - A complete communications platform for my colleagues, with portals, a knowledge base, a downloads base, contact information, knowledge profiles, and company information. Designed by a colleague. Developed by me almost entirely.
  • 2000: Stock-holder Meeting Attendance and Voter Counter - Administrative back-office client-server application to register stock-holder sign-ups for a meeting, attendance, and voter counter. Prints various reports including a mail merge for MS Word. For DSM Corporate, Netherlands.
  • 2000: Topscore Juniorkamer NL - A discussion forum and chat room custom built to cater to the rules of a management game. Architecture, design, and development by me. Programming done in ASP. File-based chatroom.
  • 1999: Orfo: Original Forms - Administrative back-office client-server application to register when chemical plants were checked, by whom, and the results. Converted from a DB2-application. For EdeA, an energy and water supplier for DSM, Netherlands.
  • 1993 - present: OmegaJunior.Net - This web site, of course.

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