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Surakarta is an Indonesian board game, named after a Java city. The board is a bit special, in that it has circles at each corner, which are used for attack. Two players are needed. Each of them uses 12 pawns.

July 4, 2004
Fully reviewed on May 8, 2015

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Img. 1: game in progress
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To either wipe all the opponent’s pawns off the board, or to force the opponent to resign.

One has to hit the opponent’s pawns, or force them to resign, in order to win the game. Hitting the opponent’s pawns is not obligated when the opportunity presents itself.

Each player starts with their pawns lined up in the outmost square, in two lines of 6 pawns. The pawns are placed on the crossings and moved over the lines.

Img. 2: Starting positions
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Pawn Movement
Moves can be made to each direction, from one crossing to the next free crossing: horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Jumping pawns is not allowed.

Each player in turn moves their pawns. Moving is required. A player cannot pass their turn. Passing equals resigning: the opponent automatically wins.

The Circles
The circles can’t be used for moving proper. Instead, they are used to hit.

How to hit pawns
An attacking pawn has to be moved around at least 1 circle to hit another pawn. In an attack, the attacking pawn can be moved horizontally or vertically, as many free crossings as needed, but only in the same direction. A hit ends on an opponents’ pawn. That pawn is taken off the board.

Empty Game Board
For your pleasure we created an empty game board (12KB, Flash). Print it and play!

Img. 3: Empty game board
Click to access a Flash version, 12KB

Game Animation
We also created an animation which demonstrates a couple of moves (1.1MB, Flash), but it doesn’t seem to work under Flash 10.

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