Proof of Concept of a Fly-Out Menu - Daimler Customer Assistance Center

Created for the Daimler Chrysler company in Maastricht, Netherlands, to be used in the new content management system my then-employer Detacom Business Solutions had me implement.

Part of the Proof of Concept was getting the menu to work in MSIE6. Another part was getting the menu html and javascript generated by the Smartsite 5 CMS. Also: the template incorporated regular HTML-based dropdown menus (SELECTs) as well as a specific search form.

The CMS was repurposed as a DMS that would help call agents find specific technical documentation very fast, innreal time, while their customer was on the phone.

The idea was that each call agent would have a work profile, which was read by the CMS to be reflected in both the horizontal dropdowns as the vertical fly-out menus, but also in the search results. During the day, a call agent could temporarily adjust their profile preferences, resulting in different fly-out menus and different search results.

This page exists to prove that the drop-down menus and the fly-out menu work in the targeted web browsers.

As usual, this template has been tested for validity with the W3C validator, and tried with various web browsers.