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You’re driving your Corvette down the highway, to discover that you aren’t allowed to drive there - it’s Volkswagens only. Ridiculous? Yes.

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Technologically, there are very few reasons to force customers into driving a Volkswagen when they prefer a Corvette. And yet, plenty of web sites out there, do.
Can they afford to lose customers?

Safety regularly releases security advisories. For instance, for web browsers they list which are safe to use, and which pose a security threat.

So you download a safe web browser, like Opera or Internet Explorer 10, and you think that you are safe. But with alarming regularity, you happen upon a web site that forces you into using an unsafe web browser.

Limited devices

You own an Apple iPad or iPhone, and are forced to browse the web using Apple Mobile Safari. Other browsers on that device all use the same underlying web rendering engine. And every now and then, you happen upon a web site that fails to work, forcing you to borrow your neighbour’s PC.
Can they afford to lose your clientele?

Is it Arrogance?

Do they have a monopoly? Yes, most sites listed in this category do. They are government agencies, or assigned local suppliers, or a hardware vendor. They are the only ones providing a service, and they can treat “their” customers badly.

But when you ask them, they will tell you that they cannot cater to all, and they’ve done studies to see which browsers to support.


And then the world changed.

Browsers evolved. Hackers blew holes in older browsers. Apple released the iPhone and iPad. Google started selling their Android OS. Microsoft and Samsung put a tablet PC on the market that sports Windows RT with MSIE10. Your ICT department locked down on insecure browsers.

But for some people, the world stood still.
Can they afford to lose face?

Great power requires great responsibility

Especially when your organisation holds the monopoly, especially when you are a government(-instated) agency, you have a responsibility to your customers.

Don’t force them to use an unsafe browser.
Don’t force them into using a device or browser they don’t like or can’t afford, just to use the browser you like.
Don’t treat your customers arrogantly, smugly, hautily, ridiculously.
Can you afford to lose your job?

Technologically, there are very few reasons to force customers into driving a Volkswagen when they prefer a Corvette.


The sites listed below have problems with vendor lock-in or browser lock-in. We list them in the hope that shaming them pubicly will make a difference. For some of them all hope seems lost…

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