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This information lives on a web site hosted at the following web address: 'https://www.omegajunior.net/muziek/'.

About André E. Veltstra, composer, musician, multi instrumentalist, director, singer, music teacher, band instructor.

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Where do you live?
In a little town called Howell, New Jersey, USA.

What kinds of music do you write?
Mostly classical, but I also dabble in jazz, pop, rock, jingles and more, both serious and entertainment music.

How many voices / parts?
As many as needed. Usually starting at 3, sometimes topping at 24. It depends on who I'm writing for: a pop band, a choir, an orchestra... or just a study.

Do you use any computer software for this?
Yes. I use Harmony Assistant by Myriad Software, a French company. Their composition application is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. You'll find a link at the bottom of this page.

Do you work on commission?
Yes. For transcriptions, arrangements and original compositions.

And how much is that?
It depends. And is fully negotiable. Please drop me an e-mail at: muziek (at) omegajunior.net.

What about Buma/Stemra?
I'm under contract, thus if you want they can become our middle man.

How about copyright?
This is music I created. It might be mine by origin or by arrangement. Either way, I have the right to publish samples of it. You get the right to listen and copy the samples. Nothing else.

Do you play any instruments yourself?
Yes. I specialised in French Horn, but I can play just about any brass instrument with keys (that excludes the slide trombone, for instance), I am fairly proficient on trumpet and baritone, and know how to hit several percussive instruments. Apart from that, I used to sing baritone and tenor with the local choir, I know my way around a piano, and currently am learning to play tenor saxophone.

Is there any instrument you don't play?
I'm no good at playing the piano. My first instrument was an accordion, which I practiced for about a year, so I have a basic understanding of a piano / organ type instrument, and use a keyboard to figure out my chord progressions, but that's about how high my skill level reaches. Apart from that, I still want to learn how to play the guitar and several reed instruments. As of yet I have no desire to play string instruments like violins.

Do you play in bands?
Not at the moment. I used to be active in various bands. Links to these bands can be found below.

Why did you start writing music?
Because I was dissatisfied with the music I was playing at the time. I thought I could do better. And in some cases, I was right. Afterwards my ability to write and arrange music became useful for transcribing existing compositions for smaller bands, like the youth brass band, the choir, and the small woodwind band. Especially when arrangements do not yet exist, or prove unattainable for small budgets.

Why did you start playing music?
I am a natural born performer. I love entertaining a crowd of people. Apart from that, the breathing excercises really helped with my asthma.
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