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Having lead local and off-shore teams of up to 10 people, been responsible for budget control and deadline, André knows how to manage client expectations.

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Location: Howell, NJ, USA
Work Status: US Green Card
Born in: 1973

PRINCE, Scrum, Lean?

Let’s choose the project management method that best fits your organisation. Are you a large, bureaucratic, ITIL-managed company? Then I will help you with PRINCE2 project management. Are you a fast-paced organisation with lots of on-the fly changes? Then we’ll be comfortable with Scrum or Kanban. And when you’re a start-up or small-business owner, both the Extreme Programming and the Lean way of management will fit you just fine.

For most of my professional career I have ran projects using PRINCE2. Over the years I became a proponent of Extreme Programming and other Agile management forms. At Colours I was introduced to Scrum. I have my preference, of course, but I am quite comfortable in any of these methods.

On-shore, Off-shore, International, Multi-Lingual

I am Dutch. Our country is small and surrounded by others that speak other languages. Thus, as children we all learn at least 4 languages: Dutch, French, German, and English. Because I lived near the borders of Germany and Belgium, I regularly had to deal with German, Belgian, and French citizens. My wife is an American citizen. At Colours, the Internet Company, I worked with colleagues from China and Belarus.

Yes, cultures differ. It is important to understand how they differ, to stay polite and sensitive. Modes of communication differ accordingly: some societies behave more forward, and others more cautiously. Being open, honest, patient, and forgiving, are qualities needed to thrive in international management. I possess all of those qualities.

Young and Ambitious / Old and Conservative?

Expectation management requires an empathy for clients, their employees, and their clients. Sometimes you just want to run and run, and forget to check your goals. Then, you need someone to play a conservative role, and remind you of your target. And you need someone to translate your haste into a stress-free environment for your employees. Because everyone hates crunch time.

And sometimes you wish to take your time deciding, forgetting that this costs effort too, which will cut into your budget. Then you need someone who understands that, but also someone who can motivate you to take that decision - even if it means to park the project for a future follow-up.

Requirement gathering, needs analysis, work break-downs, time lines, mission control

A piece of paper suffices, but since we do live in the computer age and computer memories outperform our own, I have learned to use a host of project management and requirement documentation tools. Text processors, spread sheets, slide-show presentations, databases, time-line tools, combined CRM and PM software packages: I can use most of them. I learn quickly, so if I haven't yet had the pleasure of using a tool, chances are I'll learn how to within a few days.

I do apologise for not being able to share exact examples of my work (corporate secrets and all that, I’m sure you respect that). However, I have written about how I go about gathering project requirements.
Click here to read that article.
Several use cases are available, too.

Portfolio of Projects Managed by André

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