Not Yet Another Library - zjrJS Javascript Library

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What is it, that sets zjrJS apart from other javascript libraries? This article will compare zjrJS to some popular competitors.

jQuery and other Javascript libraries will sport some features zjrJS incorporates as well. This we consider inevitable. However, zjrJS seeks to employ its methods in a way that can be used side-by-side to most other libraries.

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Here's to help you choosing

Do you prefer to use CSS-like selectors to determine the elements you wish to manipulate?
Do you prefer preset visual effects and interaction flow?
Do you like to depend on plug-ins written by others?
Go for jQuery.

Do you prefer a library that alters the visitor's browser's internal Javascript object definitions?
Go for Prototype.js.

Do you prefer a ready-made set of graphical user controls?
Go for YUI.js.

Do you prefer to build your own javascript methods?
Do you wish nearly complete control over what happens?
Do you fancy a small, atomic footprint on memory usage?
Go with zjrJS.

There you have it.


Download zjrJS’ latest stable build (20141202t2322) minified (7.1KB).

Download zjrJS’ latest stable build (20141202t2322) (11.9KB).

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