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Web apps and web software solutions by ΩJr.Net, as a glimpse of what we can do for you.

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Here, we showcase the websites, web apps, web games, libraries, and services we built, and what we learned while developing software. We have a technical knowledge base and a software project portfolio.

In our KB…

We discuss all kinds of technical programming language topics, including but not limited to javascript, html, css, php, xml, xslt, sql, vb, vba, vbscript, and vb.net.
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In our Article Series…

We discuss other topics like content strategy, testing and quality assurance, algorithm design and optimisation, speed optimization, 3rd-party integration, coding guidelines, etc.

We won’t claim that having been a software consultant for over 2 decades makes us an expert.

We do claim that we have suffered through setbacks, and found solutions. We share these for your benefit:

Featured Game Apps:


black grid with green quartominoAn HTML5 / CSS3 / JS implementation of the most popular video game ever, for your flash-free puzzling pleasure. Integrated with Facebook if you like.


4x4 grid of lettersAn HTML5 / CSS3 / JS implementation of a word game like Boggle, for your flash-free word finding pleasure. Integrated with Facebook if you like. Comes in 4 varieties.

Bar-Pull 3D-Maze

maze cubeA completely new game invented and developed by us. Move the ball through the maze to reach the golden cube. Programmed in HTML5, CSS3, and JS.

Featured Products:

Facet Engine

A tool for user interfaces to make search more intuitive and faster. Written in JS. Can wield hundreds of thousands of data points in milliseconds. We use it on our own pages.

Publizjr - Creates Web Pages

logo: white cloud on green, with the word PublizjrOur PHP template for generating web 2.0 web pages. We use it on this web site and every other created in our name. It is not a CMS.


logo: dark-green 5-point star with browser icons on each point, with the name zjrJS in the centerOur flag-ship Javascript library to overcome cross-browser difficulties. Built when JQuery had yet to become fashionable. Documented here because we used it in our clients' web sites. Used in all of the above-mentioned apps and products.

Featured Article Series:

Coding Guidelines

Coding Guidelines help those who handle code (programmers, maintenance personnel, testers, integrators, etc.) by defining a common basis for writing code, on topics of grammar, naming conventions, structure, and such.

Information Architecture

ΩJr.Net has been offering Information Architecture as a professional service since 1998. Avoid our mistakes.

Programming Algorithms

The programming algorithms we show here, are used on this web site, implemented in our programming, so we can combine the theory with practical examples and discuss the effect of variations. We hope that you take this part of the ΩJr.Net as an educational how-to.