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This documentation, as well as many other parts of the ΩJr.Net, uses Publizjr too.

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A bit of history

Publizjr started in March 2009 as a fast and small-scale replacement for bloated CMSes. We decided on a file-based system to allow website content and PHP templates to be edited via text and FTP. These are available on most platforms and devices.

You want to concentrate on your content.

You let a PHP programmer and a Front-End Developer deal with the technicalities. These people can be you, at a different time. But while you are writing your article, the publication system should not distract.

Publizjr lets you deal with your articles. You write your texts, and provide only the necessary mark-up using BB Coding. Then you upload, and boom! Your new web page is on-line.

You define who else can edit your article.

Sometimes you collaborate with other editors to create your article. Sometimes you don’t. You require a system that allows granularity of access permisssions.

Each Publizjr webpage lives in its own folder on the file system of your site’s web server, Therefore, the webmaster can grant access to you for your pages, and to other editors for their pages.

Publication should be immediate, and from anywhere.

Whether you use an iPad or any other tablet, an Android / Linux / Mac / Windows / Unix computer, or even any smartphone: you want access to your articles, and if you publish an article, it should show up instantly.

Publizjr articles can be accessed via FTP and any other fileserver protocol your web hosting provider offers. No application that only works on Windows, no impressive but aggravating caching construction, no additional layer between you and your content… except your favourite file upload tool or app.

Sometimes you want to test your article changes.

You want to have your article reviewed or revised before it goes live. Or you need to test how the text flows around the pictures and other media files. And you want to do that without it affecting your existing article.

Publizjr deals with each page individually. Thus, an error in one article doesn’t influence any others. Each page lives in its own folder. Thus, to test your article, you can create a copy folder. As long as you don’t publish a link to the test page, the general public will be none the wiser.

Unlimited number of pages, editors, servers.

Free web page builders that offer only 1 page, that force you to pay extra for more pages? Publication systems that allow only 5 editors at a time? Buying extra licenses to run multiple servers?

None of that applies to Publizjr. You are welcome to create as many pages as you need, with as many editors as you like, on as many servers as required. Limitations in this realm are set by your web hosting provider: Publizjr offers freedom. We consider it Open Source Software. We make money by getting paid for implementations.

Near-Infinite Extensibility

You have an idea about what you want right now, what should go into your web pages, and how it should work. And you know that a year ago, your thoughts differed. The publication system should allow for such changes, preferably without breaking your whole site.

Publizjr is built using PHP. That means that any PHP programmer can change the contents of the Generator Template (which converts your article into a webpage). Parts can be moved, added, deleted, changed… and this can be done live, in real time, without breaking your existing webpages.

The Generator Template is just a text file in the web site, meaning it can be copied and placed under a different name, outside the public eye, allowing for testing changes without anyone seeing it, but those in the know.

We created instructions for adding the following functionality:

Any capable PHP programmer can add these functions, provided they have the necessary access.

If you feel the need to add more, let us know!

Continuing Development of Publizjr Software

Want insight in the changes we are making that will eventually find their way into a new public release?

Want to see whether your technical problem is being resolved? Or whether your desired feature is being integrated? Then read the Publizjr Software Change Log.

Article Listing:

- Get up to speed on the workings and expectations of this PHP-based webpage generator. This article is aimed at content authors.

- Instruction for Content Editors.

- Instructions for Webmasters.

- Release Notes and Source Archives.

- How you may use Publizjr.

- What we do and don't promise.

- One proven method to include audio files in your web page.

- For dedicated functionality per web page.

- For language-awareness and global code snippets.

- Because your site has international visitors and you wish to serve them with content in their own language.

- For those webmasters that want other options than the built-in static social sharing buttons.

- In case you like to keep track of your audience.

- Because you do not want to build a commenting functionality yourself.

- How to include webforms in your Publizjr Generator Templates by using the JotForm webforms service.

- Choose how Twitter displays links to your web pages with built-in support for Twitter Cards in Publizjr, the web page publication system version 2.

- Follow our efforts to make Publizjr easier to maintain and implement (for coders).

- See a listing of every single change made to the Publizjr software since release 2.

- Read what functionality Publizjr 2 offers, and how to use it when programming or configuring Publizjr 2 Generator Templates.


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