In General

The ΩJr.Net as a whole does not store identifying information about you personally, unless stated specifically.

The ΩJr.Net itself does not require any cookies (nor javascript, for that matter). It will perform nicely without them.

We, the owners and webmasters, use them mostly to understand your needs.

You are welcome to browse our site with all cookies and javascripts turned off.

Our host Globat Inc. and our CDN CloudFlare store your (and my) visits. They log which page was visited as well as from where you came (the referrer).

We use this information to understand your traffic through our site. This is done at server level. We keep it for up to 3 years.

We do not intend to identify you as a person, though we might log your computer's IP address.

When do we share this information?

  • When required by law.
  • When you share it publicly (f.i. via the page commenting system)
  • And sometimes, when you request us to contact someone else on your behalf.

Third-Party Cookies

The ΩJr.Net does not rely on identifying information for its own workings. However, some services we use, do remember you.

  • One cookie (__cfduid) is sent by CloudFlare, our security and CDN provider.
  • Some cookies get set by Disqus, our provider for page comments (which get activated per your choice). Those services may be using third parties themselves, that use identifying information. We neither control these services, nor what those parties do with the information. Disqus cookies get set only if you, the visitor, press any of the page commenting buttons.
  • Some cookies are set by Google AdSense and Clicky Analytics, which we use to understand who visits our websites.
  • We continuously run optimisation tests (heat maps, a/b tests, multivariate tests, and conversion goal calculations) through various services like SplitOptimizer. We endeavour not to have them store identifiable information, but they may set cookies to remember your participation.

We use the most anonymous settings possible. If you wish not to be tracked, you can either turn off cookies or turn on the do-not-track setting in your browser.

Specific places in the ΩJr.Net that do store information

Our cross-browser javascript library "zjrJS" is capable of storing information inside your browser. Where applied on the ΩJr.Net, that info stays in your browser and does not get transferred to us. It can be erased from your browser using standard, browser-provided tools for cookies and client storage.

If you subscribe to the e-mail updates to our news feeds, Google Feedburner stores your e-mail address, and we receive a notification. Feedburner uses that to keep you informed about our latest publications. We mostly disregard the actual e-mail addresses, but we do look at the number of subscribers. Please make sure you read and agree to Google's privacy policy before subscribing.

If you use our in-page search engine, Google will log your search query and possibly your visit. We use that to improve our articles. Google uses it to improve their services.

Some of our games are capable of storing your score and publishing it on your Facebook timeline. Therefore we let you choose whether to log into Facebook or not. The log-in information is not revealed to us. Please refer to Facebook's privacy policy.

One of our zjrJS test cases, test.Doc.Store.set(), writes a value of your choice to your browser. It is used only for that specific test. We do not read it; your browser does.

Specific places in the ΩJr.Net that require Javascript

Even though most of the site works just fine without it, some web apps and games rely on javascript. They will tell you.

Just about every web page in this website offers you to add comments. This service is supplied by Disqus. It requires javascript. If you run javascript-free, like on the Facebook Network, try talking to us on Twitter or Facebook, instead.

Our site features a handful of contact forms, supplied by JotForm. The javascript-free will need to use other means to contact us.

Our Facet Engine does its magic using javascript. For the javascript-free browsers among us, we tend to include a regular textual listing of the same information.

The word game series Zjramble5, our Sudoku Solver, as well as our Sumbrero Puzzle Solver rely on javascript.

The puzzle game Trezjr, the board game Surakarta, and the maze puzzle game Bar Pull - 3D Maze, and our action game Pong, also require javascript.

The entire Test Suite for zjrJS needs javascript. Obviously. Because zjrJS is a cross-browser and cross-device javascript library.

Some of our web widgets require javascript, like our Pop-Under Script, our cross-browser Date Picker, our Post-it Notes Generator, and our Javascripted Querystring Parser.

Many of our javascript-related articles will feature some javascript… but might not necessarily rely on it.

We may have missed some. If so, please add a comment to let us know?