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We enjoy developing software, professionally as well as privately. What we have learned privately over the years we share right here to benefit everyone.

- Like image sprites, sound sprites collect several distinct sounds into a single file, which reduces network lag while downloading.

- The script Google provides is slow, dangerous, and time-consuming, drawbacks that this better one overcomes.

- How to recognise common patterns and set up new ones. Process flow defines what steps a user (or data) and software take to achieve a goal.

Our favourite open source, PHP-based web page publication system, that we use to generate our own websites. Learn how to use it, install it, and build upon it.

- For language-awareness and global code snippets.

- How to include webforms in your Publizjr Generator Templates by using the JotForm webforms service.

- Choose how Twitter displays links to your web pages with built-in support for Twitter Cards in Publizjr, the web page publication system version 2.


This documentation and test suite about the zjrJS Application Programming Interface instructs and tests how to use the functions inside this cross-browser javascript library.

zjrJS.Doc.hashCode() - Added a string hash function based on Java's String.hashCode(). Used to safely store identifiers into memory and databases.

Adding Array Comprehension using zjrJS - For older browser version that lack this functionality, as defined in EcmaScript 5.

Added a Task-Based Cheat Sheet for zjrJS - The alphabetical API Overview is useful when you already know the method's name. If not, try this cheat sheet, based on the task at hand.

Latest - UX Horror and UI Horror

Hall of Shame for misbehaving applications, products, services, and their management. Damaging mistakes in web site design, user interfaces, user experience, and usability.

- And it really should not. The link from a validation email should validate immediately, without requiring the additional action of a log-on.

- Potentially causing a crash of not only the Twitter Client, but also the Mobile Device.

- Unfortunate CSS decisions forcing visitors to put in more effort to achieve simple tasks.

Musician, arranger, director, and composer A. E. Veltstra lists his prices, and shares samples of his music, music theory, reviews, and thoughts.

- Original Jazz Tune deploring the burning of the town of Mokum)

- The mesmerising John Denver original, arranged by A.E.Veltstra for brass trio and drums.

- Written to thank the Servatius Woodwind Band for 15 years of music and friendship.