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July 18, 2012,
Edited Feb. 26, 2014

We use it. Should you? Decide for yourself.

A word from a sponsor:

1. Facet Engines are a great interface for filtering large amounts of data.

2. ΩJr.'s Facet Engine adapts to whatever meta data you throw at it.

3. It is designed to play nice alongside other javascript libraries. No conflict = true.

4. It doesn't care about the content language of your data.

5. You can set its display style using regular CSS.

6. The zjrFacetEngine is designed to replace an existing listing: great for SEO and javascript-limited devices.

7. It's free for personal and educational use. (You can however hire me for custom implementations.)

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Update, August 6, 2014:
Our Facet Engine now remembers the chosen filters. Thus, if a reader sets a filter in the overview, visits the link in a search result, and returns to the overview, the previously chosen filters will be reapplied. (Condition: the browser must have privacy mode disabled and allow either localStorage or cookies. The engine will check for persistence support.)

Update, October 22, 2014:
The FacetEngine now sorts facet values in a natural number way. Number ranges like "8 - 9" will thus be shown before "200 - 300" (numerical) rather than after it (textual).

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