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Design your own note with your own text, for online meme generation

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Type your own text, then jiggle the properties and styles until the note looks OK. Finally, capture a screen shot and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and VK!

Setting your own font:

In the “other font” box you can type the name of any other font you wish to use. You can choose from all fonts installed on your computer. Make sure you provide the correct name. You can find this by opening the font itself. For instance: “Bodoni MT” might differ from “Bodoni”.

Setting your own colour:

In the “other colour” box you can type the specific colour you wish to use. You can use any notation CSS allows: colour names like red and blue, system names like WindowText, hexadecimal notation like #CE13F0 and #ff0, and RGB-notation like rgb(23,101,48).

Disclaimers and Copyright:

© 2006 by A.E.Veltstra. “Post-it” is a registered trademark by 3M. ΩJr.Net is not related to 3M in any way.
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