Information Architecture Practices that Work

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ΩJr.Net has been offering Information Architecture as a professional service since 1998. Avoid our mistakes. Read.

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IA (information architecture) is the name of the work needed to create a solution for a problem related to information. Typically, the solution is expressed as a computer application.

IA does not help for all types of software development. If the problem to be solved is not an information problem, then IA is not the solution.

IA may help solve many information problems, but software development does not: some problems are better solved by adapting organizational procedures, by training staff differently, or by hiring other employees.

We learned our first IA knowledge through professional education, using the book "Informatiearchitectuur voor het HBO" (Information Architecture for the HBO). That was in 1998. In the meantime, we have developed many (web) applications, studied many organizations and information problems, and learned many programming methods and techniques. The knowledge thus gained, we enjoy sharing with our colleagues, so that they can avoid our mistakes.

And with a little luck, these articles help in spreading the awareness about our work, so that employers and customers also know with whom they are dealing.
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