Test Case for zjrJS.Doc.Store.get() - zjrJS Javascript Library

This information lives on a webpage hosted at the following web address: 'https://www.omegajunior.net/code/zjrjs/'.

Showing whether zjrJS.Doc.Store.get() actually works.

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Privacy Considerations
The script on this page will read testing data previously stored in your browser. That data will continue to exist in your browser untill you remove it. The test script on the test.Doc.Store.set() page shows exactly what we store.

Javascript must be allowed to run on this page. Your browser session must not be private: private browsing prevents the use of window.localStorage.

Successful When...
In the form below, after entering a number and pressing the Store button on the test.Doc.Store.set() page, the Output box on this page shows the number you provided.

The form was not submitted. The number was not sent through cyberspace. Instead, it stayed in your browser. It will stay there untill you remove it.


Download zjrJS’ latest stable build (20141202t2322) minified (7.1KB).

Download zjrJS’ latest stable build (20141202t2322) (11.9KB).

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