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Your company wants to sell stuff, but makes it as difficult as possible for their customers to buy it. Hardly a commercial attitude.

If a car company wants to sell a car to you, they will want to make sure you have the money. However, they should not refuse to accept your money based on you being female. That is not only considered discrimination, but it also means they sell less cars…

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Yet something similar to that is exactly what a lot of companies do with their web sites. (We aren’t kidding when we say “a lot”.) They present hurdle after hurdle, before their potential customers are allowed to spend their money.


Bye bye, profit!

Why these are hurdles

Why this makes you lose profit

If your web site fails to offer an alternative your customers can use to spend their money, if your web site fails to tell your customers what they need to use it, or if it looks like you simply don’t care about them, why should they care about you? They won’t be spending their money at your site; they’ll spend it at the competitor.

Who is to blame?

You are. It’s your site. Don’t let the developer tell you technology forces them to block potential customers from giving you their money: they’re lying. Most of the hurdles mentioned are easy to fix.

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