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This information lives on a webpage hosted at the following web address: 'https://www.omegajunior.net/code/guidelines/'.

Background on the author: who is he, what does he do, and what makes him an authority on these subjects?

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Who are you?

André E. Veltstra, software architect, systems analyst, innovator, programmer / hacker / developer, database modeler, and optimizer.

Where do you work?
Here at the ΩJr.Net. I write the articles, do the research, design and program the working of the website.

Why did you start publishing these Coding Guidelines?
The Code section of this website, the ΩJr.Net, has been around since 1993. A couple years ago, my wife and I started building a web community that would allow members to add their own (parts of) web apps. For those people, for myself, and for anyone else's benefit, including my coworkers, I wrote and published these Guidelines.

Recently a former employer's technological strategy team decided that documenting in-house coding guidelines should help create and continue a quality baseline for our programming, to help any engineer with the development, testing, and maintenance of our software solutions. That lead to some changes and additions to the coding guidelines we already did have in place.

Do you do other things, than write software?
Yes: I analyse the customer's needs and advise on possible solutions, put that into functional and technical designs, describe user interaction and create user interfaces, describe data interaction and create database models, advise on hardware and software, install and configure the software, write and execute test scripts, write manuals and instruct the customer on how to use the software, provide support and maintenance, manage a team of coworkers for larger projects, provide status updates and management reports, and help define company-wide technical policies.

How long have you been working in this field?
I started using computers in 1980. I got taught typing in 1984 and Lotus 1-2-3 in 1985. I've used about 3 handfulls of programming and scripting languages, contributed to the HTML5 specification, wrote both the zjrJS API and the Publizjr docs and tests.

I built my first web site in 1993 and have been doing Front-End Development ever since. I graduated an education in Software Development in 1998, focusing on VBA for Microsoft Office. I've worked with CMS-es since 2000, and with the Smartsite CMS specifically and Oracle databases since 2002.

Need problem solving?

Talk to me. Let's meet for coffee or over lunch. Mail me at “code at omegajunior dot net”.

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