Emanuel Chester - Mystery Entertainer

This information lives on a webpage hosted at the following web address: 'https://www.omegajunior.net/magie/'.

My name is M. You can call me sir. I perform bizarre magic for adults. Sit. Watch. Be amazed. I roam Manhattan, NYC, and Monmouth Cty, NJ.

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My Location:

Howell Township, NJ, USA.

What do you need?

Adult and Bizarre Mystery Entertainment? Read more ▶
Naughty Magic Fun for Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties? Read more ▶
Charming Mentalism and Close-Up for Corporate Functions? Read more ▶
Eclectic, Steampunked Strolling and Street Magic? Read more ▶

What I leave to others:

• Children's Mystery Entertainment: Even though I have 2 beautiful kids, keeping them entertained for hours requires a children's magician.
• Confirmation Parties: my religion doesn't do confirmations. I wouldn't know how to behave.
• Stage Illusions: I'd love to! And I have scripted a few! But I don't have the room for storage since I just moved into the States and am looking to relocate shortly.

Are you an Event Manager or Fellow Magician?

Here's a list of what I have studied and can perform:
• Card Magic / Card Manipulation / Cartomagie
• Close-up Mysteries
• Mentalism / Mind Reading and Predictions
• Reconstructions
• Translations into and from English, German, and Dutch
Drop me a note if you'd like to chat!

Would you like to learn magic?

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, or mail me at emanuel.chester@omegajunior.net.

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