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Senior full-stack software architect and developer. IA, UI/UX, content strategy, SEO, social media, HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, XML, XSLT, SQL/NoSQL. Interested in the entire software development field.

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Location: Howell, NJ, USA
Work Status: US Green Card (IR-1 / Family Visa)
Born in: 1973

Photo: Me on May 13, 2016

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Leeuwenborgh Opleidingen, Maastricht, Netherlands

Dates attended: 1998 - 1999
Grade: MBO4 (BSE); Major: Software Development

Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands

Dates attended: 1993 - 1998
Grade: BA; Major: Political Culture

Skillset for Software Development

Diagramming, Prototyping, and IDEs

Webbrowser Tools for MSIE / Chrome / Opera / Safari / Firefox, Firebug, Eclipse and iDEA since 2015, MS Visual Studio since 1998 (version 6), Visio since 2000 (right before Microsoft bought it), Axure since 2011, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pagemaker, Expression 3, Expression Blend, Inkscape, Google Sketch-Up, various other vector drawing tools.

Experience with 3rd-Party Webservices

AddThis, Adobe Typekit (Webfonts), AMWS, AWeber, AWS, BigCommerce, Bing Webmaster Tools, CDyne, Clicky Web Analytics, CloudFlare, Disqus, Experimently, EyeQuant, Facebook OAUTH, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Custom Search Engine, Google Forms / Documents, Google PageSpeed, Google Webmaster Tools, GTMetrix, HootSuite, JotForm, Mailchimp, New Relic, NuOrder, Optimizely, Quicksprout, Sitestat (Comscore), Yahoo YSlow.


HTML since 1994, Javascript since 1995, CSS since 1996, Visual Basic, VBA, and Windows API since 1997, Coldfusion and JSP shortly in 1999, VBScript and ASP from 1999 to 2012, PHP, XML, and XSLT since 2001, C# used twice (last in 2011), Windows Powershell used infrequently since 2006, Java since 2015, Ruby since 2015.


Lotus 1-2-3 (flat table) used shortly in 1986, Claris Filemaker (flat table) from 1990 to 2006, Relational Database Modelling since 1998, MS Access from 1998 to 2005, Oracle from 2000 to 2012, MySQL from 2003 to 2009, NoSQL (MongoDB) shortly from 2009 to 2010, MS SQL Server from 2001 to present.

Operating Systems

MS DOS (user) since 1985 - 2012, MacOS (user) since 1987 - 2001, MS Windows (user, developer) since version 3.11, 1993 - present, Linux (user) since SuSE 4, 1996 - present, Windows (NT) Server (user, developer), 1998 - present, MacOSX (user) since 2001 - 2012, iOS (user) (iPad 1), 2010 - present, Android (user), 2012 - present, Amazon AWS and EC since 2013.

CMS-es and Internet Forums

Smartsite (primarily, developer, team lead) since 2001, vBulletin (user, admin, developer) from 2003 to 2009, Wordpress (user) infrequently since 2003, phpBB (user, admin, team lead) since 2006, Sitecore (advanced user, admin, team lead) infrequently since 2009, Publizjr (primarily, developer) since 2011, Mahara (research, admin) shortly in 2013, Proboards (user, admin) since 2013.


.Net framework 2, 3, 4, used shortly and infrequently, zjrJS since 2007, jQuery used infrequently since 2008, Twitter Bootstrap, Publizjr since 2002.

Work Experience

Ecommerce Business Analyst at Mamiye Brothers, Inc.

Since June 2015
Location: NYC, NY, USA

Data integrator, data analyst, software architect, software engineer, usability consultant, accessibility consultant, database modeller, database optimizer, software deployer, server maintenance.

Mostly moving data between MS SQL Server and third-party webservice APIs using Java 8 in Eclipse. Extracting data from the database behind the Simparel ERP, transforming it into various file formats (XML, CSV, EDI) using Biz Mapper (GXS / OpenText), into JSON if necessary, then sending it to a 3rd-party webservice. And vice-versa.

Website Consultant at TLC Ministries

February 2015 - March 2015, Charity (voluntary, unpaid)
Location: Howell, NJ, USA
User interface designer, user experience designer, content strategist, visual graphics artist, usability consultant.

1 Recommendation:
Carole Franceski (CEO/Founder TLC Ministries):
“I can not begin to thank you enough for all the effort you (...) put into the redesign of the site. We have received many very positive comments on it!

“We appreciate your continued support of Tender Loving Care Ministries, Inc. We are blessed by the efforts of so many partners that enable us to meet our mission to the many needy children in the Appalachian region of Southern Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and Southwestern Virginia.

“Tender Loving Care Ministries, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code. There were no goods or services provided to you for this donation.”

Web Site Developer at Bauer Realty, SA

Februari 2014 - November 2014 (Contract, part-time)
Online: Bauer Realty, SA: http://www.makelaar-bauer-immo.eu/
Location: Oirsbeek, Netherlands
Functional and Technical Design, UI/UX design / developing / testing, usability consultant, 3rd-party webservices integration, hosting provider consultancy, domain name consultancy, PHP template design / development / testing, visual graphics artist, Social Media Strategy, Content Strategy, Quantitive research and data analysis, search engine optimisation. 

Chief Editor / Software Architect (Founder) at ΩJr.Net Consultancy

August 1993 – Present, Voluntary (part-time, mostly unpaid)
Online: ΩJr.Net Consultancy: /
Location: Howell, NJ, USA
Build, test, and optimise websites and software, integrate 3rd party webservices, and connect to backoffice apps. Webmaster (NginX), content author, CMS developer, speed optimizer, search engine optimiser, web app developer (html, css, js), user interface designer / developer / tester, user experience designer / developer / tester, usability consultant, social media integrator, content strategist, search engine optimiser, visual graphics artist, multimedia producer, middleware programmer (php, sql, xml, xslt, rss), back-end information architect (mysql, mongodb, flat-file), quantitive research and data analysis, webserver administrator, software migration.

Executive Assistant at Philant

August 2013 - July 2014, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid)  
Location: Hoensbroek, Netherlands
I work with mentally challenged people. I help take care of their needs, focusing on mental and physical game-play, and plain conversation. I also help clean and keep peace.

Functional / Technical Designer at Bonsai Media

July 2013 – September 2013, Contract, full-time
Location: Nederweert, Netherlands
Functional Designer and Technical Researcher. Conducting interviews and workshops, gathering and documenting requirements, diagramming, prototyping, content strategy, user interface design, user experience design, research into applicable software platforms.

Community Manager / Founder at AllPaths

June 2013 – Present, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid)
Online: AllPaths: http://allpaths.boards.net/
Location: Howell, NJ, USA
Administrator and moderator, testing and updating software and plug-ins, writing guidelines and policy, conducting meetings to discuss policy, managing a team of admins and moderators, web advertising and web marketing, social media marketing, creating relevant discussions, enforcing policy, warning and banning offenders, etc.

Technical Consultant at Colours

January 2012 – October 2012, Full-time salaried
Online: Colours, the Internet Company: http://www.colours.nl/
Location: Den Bosch, Netherlands
Functional Designs, Technical Designs, User Manuals, Best Practices, Coding Guidelines, Visual Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Usability Consultancy, diagramming, prototyping, content strategy, search engine optimisation, conducting interviews and workshops, coaching and educating. Quality Assurance. Multimedia production. 

2 Recommendations:
1. Frank Lith, van (Business Development Manager at Colours)
"André has exceptional skills in webdevelopment and functional design. He can really get the details right both in documentation and development. Because of his wide range of expertise he can create the overview you sometimes need to explain the required situation to customers or developers."

2. Robijn Lutke Schipholt (Content Manager and Assistant Picture Editor at Oxfam Novib)
"Ik heb online samengewerkt met André tijdens het redesign door Colours van onze website www.oxfamnovib.nl. Ik was heel blij met de begeleiding die ik kreeg tijdens dit ingewikkelde proces en dankbaar voor zijn geduld en uitleg."

Technical Lead / Technical Project Leader at Colours

April 2009 – December 2011, Full-time salaried 
Online: Colours, the Internet Company: http://www.colours.nl/
Location: Geleen, Netherlands
Creating and adjusting technological development policies, training, advising on technological choices, risk, and impact. Solution architecture and product management. Database modeling and tuning (SQL: MS SQL Server, Oracle). Data architecture. Quantitive research and data analysis. Building and implementing CMS web applications (html, css, js, VBScript, XML, XSLT), search engine optimisation. Quotes for cost and capacity estimates, manage progress and budget, reporting, on-shore and off-shore team management. Quality Assurance, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Usability Consultancy, multimedia production. 

Community Manager at MysticWicks.com

August 2003 – August 2009, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid)
Location: Hoensbroek, Netherlands
Administrator and moderator. Document management, writing instruction manuals, reviewing guidelines, enforcing guidelines and policy, banning offenders, researching prospective members, testing the software for bugs, creating and applying visual themes, usability consultancy, designing and programming add-ons (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP), low-level database maintenance (mySQL via myAdmin), quality assurance, speed optimisation. Quantitive research and data analysis. 

Technical Project Leader / Senior Software Engineer at Lectric Internetoplossingen

July 2008 – April 2009, Full-time salaried
Location: Den Bosch, Netherlands
On-shore and off-shore project and human resource management. Senior software engineer: solution architect writing functional and technical reports and models, conducting interviews and workshops, gathering requirements, diagramming, prototyping. Coach to the junior programmers, product innovation research. Define and enforce technical policy. Design, develop, test user interfaces and user experience. Usability Consultancy. Search engine optimisation. Content strategy. Workflow and process modeling (XML). Quantitive research and data analysis. Database modeling and tuning (SQL: MS SQL Server, Oracle). Data architecture. Building and implementing CMS web applications (html, css, js, VBScript, XML, XSLT). Quality Assurance. 

2 Recommendations:
1. Remko Seepma (Founding Partner at Business Life Academy)
"André is very honest and straight forward person in almost everyhing he does. He is a very seasoned and experienced developer with a great innovative and creative mind and spirit. He always strives for the best solution, preferably not settling for less! I am happy to recommend Andre to any organization and without any hesitation!"

2. Nicolle Severens (Projectmanager at Colours)
"André is driving force for SmartSite team Geleen. Furthermore, he has a broad technical knowledge and the ability to rapidly expand it. His ambitions are to be more advisory and less technical. That he can express in his new role as technical consultant, which can be perfectly combined with his good documentation skills."

Senior Software Engineer at Lectric Internetoplossingen

March 2007 – July 2008, Full-time salaried
Location: Geleen, Netherlands
Software solutions architect, coach to the junior programmers, product innovation research, programmer, tester, quality assurance, user interface designer / developer / tester, usability consultancy, building and implementing CMS web applications (html, css, js, VBScript, XML, XSLT). Quantitive research, search engine optimisation, and data analysis. Database modeling, installing, optimising (SQL: MS SQL Server, Oracle). Conducting interviews and workshops, gathering requirements, diagramming, prototyping. 

Senior Developer at Detacom Business Solutions

August 1998 – March 2007, Full-time salaried
Location: Sittard, Netherlands
Software solutions architect, office administration automisation, programmer, tester, quality assurance, user interface designer / developer / tester, usability consultancy, building office applications (MS Access, VB, VBA, SQL), web applications (html, css, js, ASP, VBScript, XML, XSLT), client-server applications (VB, SQL Server). Quantitive research and data analysis. Database modeling, installing, optimising (SQL: MS SQL Server, Oracle). Conducting interviews and workshops, gathering requirements, diagramming, prototyping. 

Executive Secretary at Reunie-Orkest Limburgse Jagers

1995 – 2002, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid)
Location: Echt, Netherlands
Secretary to the board of the music band Reunie-Orkest Limburgse Jagers. Collecting and safe-keeping of information on membership and activities. Helping organise and communicate about activities (concerts, rehearsals, etc.). Official communications. Visual design.

Executive Secretary at GroenLinks Heerlen

1995 – 1998, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid)
Location: Heerlen, Netherlands
Secretary to the board of the Green political party, division in the town of Heerlen. Collecting and safekeeping of information regarding members and activities. Official correspondence. Helping shape political views and election positions. Copy-editing.

Chief Editor at GroenLinks Heerlen

1995 – 1998, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid) 
Location: Heerlen, Netherlands
Chief Editor for the newsletter of the Green political party in the Netherlands, division in the town of Heerlen: authoring and copy-editing articles, visual design, printing, logistics and distribution.

Musician 1 at Royal Dutch Army

August 1992 – May 1993 (Full-time salaried) 
Location: Zeven, Germany
As 2nd horn player of the marching brass band known as the "Kapel der Limburgse Jagers", I represented the Dutch Army as a peace force in a handful of European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, and of course the Netherlands. The platoon was stationed in the German city of Zeven. The brass band recorded the CD "Nightflight for a Mission" with me as one of the participating musicians. Within our platoon I held the position of Chief Environment Maintenance… or house cleaning supervisor.

Contributing Editor for the newspaper at Albert Schweitzer College

1986 – 1992, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid) 
Location: Geleen, Netherlands
Contributing Editor for the newspaper of my high school the Netherlands: authoring and copy-editing articles, visual design, logistics and distribution. 

Chief Editor for the newspaper at DWARS, GroenLinkse Jongeren

1989 – 1991, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid) 
Geleen, Limburg, Nederlands
Chief Editor for the newspaper of the Green political party in the Netherlands: authoring and copy-editing articles, selling advertisements, visual design, printing, logistics and distribution. 

Executive Secretary at DWARS, GroenLinkse Jongeren

1989 – 1991, Voluntary (part-time, unpaid) 
Location: Geleen, Limburg, Nederlands
Secretary to the board of the youth division of the Green political party in the Netherlands. Keeping records and safekeeping the data therein, of memberships, activities, etc. Official correspondence.

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