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Music articles and samples of compositions by André E. Veltstra since 2004.

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Most samples are provided in AIF, MP4, Ogg and WAV formats, and freely available for download and redistribution. You can learn more about composer, director, and musician André E. Veltstra by reading this interview: About André E. Veltstra.
Compositions from 2015

- A short children's song thought up by my daughter Imbri when she was 5.

- Original Jazz variation on the song used by millions of children to learn their alphabet.

Compositions from 2014

- Original Jazz Tune deploring the burning of the town of Mokum

- The mesmerising John Denver original, arranged by A.E.Veltstra for brass trio and drums.

- Written to thank the Servatius Woodwind Band for 15 years of music and friendship.

Compositions from 2013

- (Dag der Helden). Original 3-voice theme to remember our heroes and veterans. Free to download, use, and distribute.

- Arr. of the German folk music by VoXXclub

- Arr. of the goth rock song by Within Temptation

Compositions and articles from 2012

- Mother Goose Songs: old rhymes to new music.

- New Melodies for Children's Songs

- Kiss! Lip Placement Instructions for Brass Players

- A Myth Explored

Articles from 2011

Turn it into Music - a How-To

Articles from 2009

- Dutch tranliteration

Compositions from 2008

- Arr. of Mull of Kintyre by McCartney and Laine

- Arr. of Calypso by John Denver.

- Arr. of Maid of Orleans by O.M.D.

- Arr. of Sunday, Bloody Sunday by U2.

- Easy listening by the Plain White T's, arranged for small pop group. (4.9MB, 3:28min)

- Goth rock, for small pop group (3.5MB, 2:25min).

- Mad World, Donnie Darko version, arranged for small student band (4.1MB, 2:58min).

- Classic by Brahms, arranged for small student band (1.9MB, 2:02min).

Compositions from 2007

- Brass Band Setting (4.7MB, 3:26min, original).

- Silent Night, Traditional, 1MB, 1:50min, arr. for 3-voice trio

- Combining Silent Night with Feliz Navidad (2MB, 2:41min), arr. for small student band.

- Christmas, small student brass band with melodic percussion (1.4MB, 1:29min.).

- Christmas, small student brass band with melodic percussion (1MB, 1:52min.).

- Uncategorised (1MB, 1:20min.).

- Swing, arranged for student brass band (3.5MB, 2:20min.).

- Traditional / Classical, arranged for student brass band (1MB, 1:20min.).

Compositions from 2006

- Traditional / Big band style, arranged for woodwind band (1.1MB, 1:10min.).

Compositions from 2004

- Pagan Rock (3.7MB, 3:06min.).

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